Alchemy Capital Partners

Modernize and Scale Your Company
with Capital & Operating Expertise

Partnering to Navigate a Changing World

With disruption around every corner, there is constant pressure on businesses to innovate and grow. To thrive in this environment, Companies must be able to leverage data and technology to evolve their business model and adapt to rapidly changing market needs. Beyond innovation, the Pandemic laid bare the harsh reality that size and scale matter. Larger, well-capitalized businesses were able to tap into growth opportunities, while smaller businesses struggled to survive.
At Alchemy Capital Partners we partner with founders and management teams that deliver best-in-class products or services and guide them through sensible business and digital transformation and scaling challenges to achieve breakout growth and reach their full potential.

Participating In Future Growth

We partner with founder-led companies with a history of profitability that are seeking to achieve the next level of growth. Combining your team’s domain knowledge with Alchemy’s proven transformative growth and scalability practices will position all stakeholders to participate in value creation.
We strongly believe in structuring partnerships that enable founders to retain a meaningful stake in the future growth of the company they built. Leaning on a deep-rooted culture of transparency, we aim to do right by our partners and to add value at every stage of the growth curve.

Execution Is Everything

Our involvement extends far beyond writing a check. We, ourselves are founders, operators, and investors and enjoy rolling up our sleeves to get into the operational trenches with Companies we invest in. Whether it’s improving top-of-the-funnel revenue generation, channel strategy, or OpEx efficiency, we leverage technology, data analytics, and proven operating methodologies to enable profitable scaling.

About Alchemy Capital Partners

Alchemy Capital Partners is an operator-centric lower-middle market private equity firm that creates value through digital pivots and operational transformation. We partner with capable founders and management teams to deploy our value-creation framework focused on digital transformation and growth acceleration to create sustainable value.
Leaning on a deep-rooted culture of transparency, we aim to do right by our partners and to add value at every stage of the growth curve. We pride ourselves on being straightforward, consistent, and collaborative. We take stewardship seriously and we understand the needs and challenges of family and founder-owned businesses. Our goal is simple: help companies scale and realize their potential while preserving culture and legacy.

Company Profiles We Seek

We believe we can add the most value to Companies that fall into one of the following three profiles:

Modernize Customer UX

Profitable companies in industries that have yet to modernize their operations and customer experience.

Replicate Units or Territory

Profitable brick & mortar businesses that can be replicated across national and international geographies.

Rollup Via Acquisition

Profitable companies that need to increase their size (through acquisition or vertical integration) to maximize their competitive position and achieve economies of scale.

Financial Criteria


$10 – 50 Million


$2 – 10 Million

Profitable History

5+ Years